Minority Business Enterprise(MBE), Women Business Enterprise(WBE), SBD, 8a

UTS TRAINING AND CONSULTING a division of Universal Tool & Supply Company

In todayís highly competitive environment, it is essential that organizations utilize their resources in a manner that results in identification, development, and implementation of solutions that address the organizationís critical needs. The focus must be on a cost effective planning and implementation of projects that directly address the organizations mission and functions.

What's New in 2012

Acquisitions, Business Analysis, Information Technology, Communication and Professional skills, Project Management. Group Training, Seminars, Webinars, Audio conferences, etc.. and much more.

We have redesigned our training curriculum by adding several new courses. We are provider of choice and we will tailor courses of interest to you. We have onsite training and customized services.

Courses include Leadership and Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Contracting, Strategic Planning, Business Writing courses, Effective Reports, Document Review, Project Management, Customer Service Training, Time Management, Grammar and Proofreading. Training in your area.